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Case Study 2

Best Buy YouTube channelYouTube has become an outlet for entertainment, business, self-promotion, and for companies to reach there customers.  This has been seen more since YouTube has given its members the special feature of creating there own YouTube Channel specific to whom ever creates it.

Best Buy does a great job with Social Media.  There ability to keep information current and interactive gives them an edge above all other electronic stores.  The commercials and advertisements they post span a wide range of consumers.  This is apparent with almost 5,000 viewers on there YouTube channel and over 7 million video views.  If you click on the image above it will take you to Best Buy’s YouTube Channel where they feature specials and recent commercials.  Right now all of there commercials deal with the holiday season.  They add humor and first hand customer experience.  The video below was just recently posted.  It tells the story of a business man that received a laptop for Christmas from his father.  He then went into selling leg lamps and continuing his family story by consuming himself in The Christmas Story movie.

Our generation is visual to say the least.  We look for continuous stimulation and interaction.  The YouTube Channel makes Best Buy look personable and interesting to the viewer.  Have a problem with your tablet or sound system? This channel even is a helpful tool for those having trouble with there electronics.  Detailed instructions are available in the drop down tabs.  It is great that customer service is available 24-7 online as well as via phone.  This gives all users the best experience possible.

On there Facebook page they have a quick link to there YouTube channel.  This seems to be a large part of there marketing and interaction strategy.  They direct all social media outlets to YouTube.

Best Buy’s success can be seen easily because no one can compete with there customer loyalty and use of social media.  The idea to push a electronics company onto the internet where most of there sales occur now was smart and ahead of the curve when they started.  Since then they have continued to push for more and test what outlets work the best to target new customers.


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Social Media Policy Assignment (Ford Motor Company)

1-31880975bdWithin all organizations new social media policies are being created for employees to review.  When searching Social Media Policy Guides I found Ford Motor Company had social media guidelines for those that worked for them.  They are simply stated and rather common since.  I understand the purpose for putting it in writing but it is all common educate that you should follow when your name is associated with a company.

The important thing to remember is to reflect the company in a positive light and don’t post anything that would represent them in a negative light.  Doing this would put you in a place to be released from the company.  Ford drives home the importance of being honest when you are on social media.  Stealing others ideas for your own is easier  with the internet at our finger tips.  If you post something that isn’t yours be honest about where you go it from.  Also insure that content that you are posting is truthful.

When associated with Ford it is important that all comments and posts are clarified that they are your thoughts and and not the feelings of Ford as an organization.

Ford has simple but important rules.  Social media would be better off if everyone followed Company style media guides.  It makes for safer usage and posting things that you are proud of makes your credibility go up.


Why most social strategies fail

Searching the web for social media news and articles, I stumbled upon an article that addresses the question, “why do most social strategies fail?”  It is important to note that a social strategy isn’t a check list.  As a company you can’t just have a Facebook and assume that you are in the clear.  This goes with other outlets, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.  There needs to be reasons for the outlets.  Whether it is to interact with customers or display news about what is going on in the company.

There have been many new positions within companies to manage social media and insure that the brand has a good name on the web.  In class this year we have been told constantly that SEO matters, whether it is for personal or commercial benefit.  Social media personal have to deal a lot with crises management of angry customers posting on the companies pages.  Organizations need to understand that social media can play to there benefit if done correctly.  Two-way communication between a company and its customers is generally a good way to start and social media has given them this opportunity.


Do Social Media and School mix?

Well this simple question, “should social media be used for school related functions?” Has created debate since social media became popular.  There are pros and cons but in my personal opinion the pros out-way the cons. Now, if you would have asked me two months ago I would have said they should not be spoken about in the same sentence.  Social Media has extreme advantages, having a page on Facebook or teachers tweeting about an exam in the coming days are great reminders to students and even parents if the students are in grade school or middle school.

The idea for this post came from an article in theguardian.  It talks about the pros and acceptable norms that social media could have in a school setting.  For those students who are younger and still need to take home newsletters and notes to mom and dad.  They suggest that having a Facebook page in which parents can “like.”  On this page information about what the students are learning and upcoming assignments can be posted for everyone to see.  They also suggested that a simple “tweet” would be just as effective.  It is nice to see that social media is being looked at in different lights.  The typical stigma that it is only used to keep in contact with old friends and post what crazy thing you and your friends did the night before is just a drop in the bucket compared to the potential it really has.  This is useful for everyone involved and in the end could help a student do better in school if parents are aware of assignments as well as the student.

For high school and college students each of these platforms has the same concept except that they are on them anyway and it would be extremely convenient to check a page on Facebook or look for a “tweet.”


Social Media used by the Police

Has anyone heard of Nixle? Personally, I had never heard of it until reading an article on yahoo.com talking about what this social media outlet does.  Since 2007 it has managed to find its way into the hands of law enforcement in almost every major city.  There niche is small but extremely useful.

Nixle informs the local population of news within the area whether it is a car accident, robbery or even murder.  Law enforcement can log on and send out quick notification to stay away from certain areas or look out for a certain person.  It has proven itself in Texas when this social media was the primary reason for catching a fugitive.  Its abilities out-way its disabilities.  The one drawback to the outlet is that it hasn’t yet established a way for the general population to respond back with questions or feedback.  It is more of a one way communication outlet.  Even still, it has proven itself in many different ways.

Reading an article such as this, reinforces the positives of social media and the good that can come out of it, if it is used correctly.  Social media outlets like this are starting to become popular.  People are starting to find a niche and forming websites and social media platforms to form to the specific need.  Nixle is said to be on the rise and expand to smaller cities it has proven useful to those who want to be informed of critical news in their area.


Does Pintrest target women more than men

With my head focused to the ground in front of me, I barrel through another week and add one more social media site to my tool belt. Pintrest.  Now, making this decision was slightly influenced by my girlfriend.  I agreed, seeing as though I am connected in every other way possible on the internet.

I have seen a few people use Pintrest but I never really paid attention.  The concept is fairly simple and addicting.  Create boards (subjects) and re-pin pictures that you like that relate to the board you created.  Women generally have a popular “wedding” board as well as “fashion.”  I started simple, I wanted to have an “Army” board.  I had asked my girlfriend if I could search anything on Pintrest and she said, “yes.”  I was shocked to find out that there wasn’t many things to re-pin that I even cared about.  I looked into “men’s fashion” and there was a little more but after searching for about 5 minutes some of the same pictures kept coming up.  Now for curiosity sake I searched wedding and there were pages upon pages of material.  I soon found out that people have to pin these pictures from a site to Pintrest then people can re-pin them.

It was clear than that this Pintrest phenomenon was more female based and males hadn’t really been using the site.  A news article at FOX Carolina said that it Pintrest initially started with women pinning recipes and do it yourself crafts for others to see.  They compare it to Facebook and say that it will transform into more than just a “girl thing” just like Facebook transformed into more than just a “college thing.”  With Pintrest just a few years old it is the third largest social media outlet.  Men are encouraged to post sports pictures and things they find interesting for other guys or girls to find.  It is meant for everyone.

My final thoughts on getting a Pintrest were honestly close to the “norm.”  As a male it felt weird initially getting one but I am slowly trying to figure the site out and the potential uses it would have for myself or a future company I would work for.

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Case Study 1

Team work has always been an effective way to complete any task.  In this particular instance Toyota and Google Maps hooked up to help each other out.  iQ Street View is what it was called.  This particular campaign piggy-backed off of the iQ font campaign in Belgium.

Toyota’s iQ Font campaign from Belgium has won the Grand Prix for Design at Cannes International Advertising Festival.  The campaign gave viewers the option of a downloadable font that demonstrated the unique agility and perfect control of the iQ by Toyota.  Typographers, artists, and pro racer helped to create this font using the iQ.  The making of the video pointed to Toyota’s page and let viewers download a free copy of the font and book a test drive.  Doing this helped them reach there target audience, 18-35 year old urban people in communities that fit the iQ’s core values: design, technology and automotive (The Inspiration Room by: Duncan, June 29, 2010).

Now in 2012 iQ hits the streets again and helps Google maps get a visual of small privately owned streets and cul de sacs.  This has been going on since 2011.  On the campaign website users can watch a video showing how iQ Street View works.  They then can proceed and tag their street, view which streets have been filmed by the iQ and book a test drive.  iQ has really driven home the ability to test drive the vehicle.  Both in the iQ Font Campaign and the iQ Street View Campaign viewers have the ability to schedule test drives.

To start the  project Toyota has already filmed a number of streets across several locations including Brussels, Mons and Tubize. As prime candidates to own an iQ, people living in the newly tagged streets will be systematically receiving a direct mail from Toyota with an exclusive offer on the iQ and a note informing them that their street has been added to iQ Street View.  Doing this gives Toyota an interactive way to reach customers that may need a small car such as the iQ (The Inspiration Room by: Duncan, June 05, 2012).

This particular campaign brought a lot of attention to Toyota and it encouraged users to use Google Maps while in Belgium now that smaller streets were labeled.  YouTube was the social media outlet primarily used for this project.  In ADPR 4300 we haven’t touched to much on YouTube as a social media but people are using it more to get feedback on videos and use it like a video blog.  jeffbullas.com gives us some 2012 YouTube facts:

  • YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day
  • More than 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or included comments from the community
  • YouTube says on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link.

With just these three facts it is easy to see the impact it has on the internet and social media.  It is amazing to think that YouTube was created in 2005 and its only 2012.  ?Toyota did a great job on getting the word out about iQ.  Pairing up with Google and YouTube, two internet powerhouses.